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Recommended for boys or girls ages 8-11


With a trusty first mate and loyal crew aboard The Flying Dolphin, a young pirate captain sails the Caribbean Sea. On the run from the Royal Navy, they survive a vicious storm and seek safe harbor at a deserted island.


While searching for supplies, the captain and crew find out the island isn’t entirely deserted. A castaway from the ship of the villainous pirate Captain Blood has been living on the island since escaping the dreaded captain.


Claiming to know the whereabouts of the Lost Treasure of the Scarlet Pirate, the castaway is offered passage on The Flying Dolphin. Is the treasure a myth or is it real? The only way to find out is to prepare for adventure on the high seas.


Parental guidance: This story contains mild pirate-style violence, including sword fights and the firing of guns.