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"Earth Defenders"

(recommended for boys or girls ages 9-12)


An intergalactic adventure of epic proportions. A young captain in Earth’s space fleet finds him- or herself in the middle of a galactic war when the president’s ship is ambushed on the way to peace talks. The captain is given a secret mission to find the enemy’s fleet factory and turn the tide of the war.

"The House Across The Street"

(recommended for girls ages 10-13)


​The story of a girl who moves to a new town with her parents. In a close-knit community she has trouble fitting in and making friends. When movers show up at the abandoned house across the street, she’s wishful of making friends with the new neighbors. She later learns to be careful what she wishes for.

"A Princess to the Rescue"

(recommended for girls ages 7-10)


An adventure about a lonely princess who leads a sheltered life in the palace. One day she receives a mysterious message from an unusual source, which leads her on a journey beyond the palace walls. Along the way she’ll travel enchanted lands while encountering animal friends and foes and all sorts of magical creatures.

"On the Trail of Lefty McGee"

(recommended for boys ages 9-12)


A yarn about a new sheriff in town. The sheriff’s first big job is tracking down horse rustlers. After returning to town, he finds out the dangerous outlaw Lefty McGee has escaped from his jail. Now it’s up to him and his trusty deputy to track down Lefty and his gang of bandits.

"Lost Treasure of the Scarlet Pirate"

(recommended for boys or girls ages 8-11)


The story of a young pirate captain voyaging the high seas. During his or her adventures, the young captain encounters troubles with the Royal Navy and later tangles with the notorious pirate Captain Blood in pursuit of the Lost Treasure of the Scarlet Pirate.

"Quest of the Knight"

(recommended for boys ages 8-11)


The tale of a young squire who travels from his small village to the Royal Capital seeking his knighthood. After a few adventures along the way, he enters a jousting tournament and later finds himself on a quest to rescue the kidnapped princess of the realm